Friday, August 10, 2018


What price witch-finding ?  Ofcom's Kevin Bakhurst, once of BBC News, had a package worth £302,348 in 2017/18 - that's in the same pay band as Radio 2's Ken Bruce, and just above James Purnell's £295k.

The Director of Content's basic salary for a full year was £230k; on top came £34,500 pension entitlement/allowance, £15,000 flexible benefits allowance, £2,848 benefits in kind, and a bonus of £20k.

In the year Ofcom took over minding the BBC, it ended up
with 29 more staff, and £3.9m in additional fees from Auntie.

If you're stuck at Auntie and looking for a new gig, median pay at Ofcom for 2017/18 was £56,704. It's £42k at the BBC.

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