Friday, July 13, 2018

Quiet please

The Times reports that the BBC has re-invented presenter contracts for those on less than £150k a year. Despite apparently now welcoming the transparency on top talent, publishing narrower pay bands and forecasting pay for the forthcoming year, HR have inserted a new clause in the 'cheaper' contracts of employment, preventing presenters telling anyone but their accountants and advisers how much they're on.

The BBC has told The Times that the clauses were under review, and that they would not be enforced if an individual was talking about their pay to establish whether they were a victim of discrimination.

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  1. £150K seems to becoming a BBC touchstone, presenter pay, golden goodbyes...

    Can envisage a W1A style meeting where once upon a time when "Champagne" was suggested, someone says "Prosecco" - and now each time someone mentions money it's "£150,000"


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