Wednesday, July 4, 2018

More HR jobs at the BBC

Some odds and ends from Donalda MacKinnon's review "Making the BBC a great workplace for women".

Since 2014, almost one third (31%) of women have left the BBC following their last maternity leave.

Only 2.3% of senior leaders work on a reduced hours contract. The review says the BBC "will actively seek job shares in our top 300 leaders to act as role models, mitigating a risk that women working reduced hours are discounting applying for senior roles".

The Women in Leadership Programme inaugurated in BBC News in 2015/2016, has resulted in 80% of participants being appointed to new roles in two years, with the representation of Senior Manager leadership roles in News increasing from 26% to 44% in three years.

Here's an interesting idea, to stop bosses promoting their favourites: "introducing an independent interview panel member if candidates are already reporting to the hiring manager or acting in post, ensuring transparency and fairness to all candidates. The independent panel member will be appointed by the HR Resourcing team. "

And lo, who gets more jobs out of all this ?  Why, it's the lean, mean Valerie Hughes D'Aeth HR team !

" We will increase HR resource to drive measurable change in culture and progression by introducing new senior (Band F) roles in every division, to work with the Divisional Director and HR Director. The new roles will speed up delivery of these recommendations, ensuring development is integral to strategy and implementation is owned by the senior leadership team."

There was an eight-strong project team doing the work; seven with an HR background.

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