Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Clearer ?

The BBC reinvents salary transparency today. Having said that revealing talent pay was a BAD thing, they're publishing more granular detail than before. The £50k bands narrow to £10k, apparently at the behest of previous Culture Secretary Matt Hancock (Top Civil Servants are disclosed in £5k bands). We're told the salaries, where earned through different bits of the BBC, will be broken down. And, to prove how butch the BBC has become, we'll see a forecast salary for the current year (so that management get the full reflected glory of battering the so-and-so's down now, not later).

I hope the minus sign on my keyboard holds out. In News and Sport, we'll end up with, effectively, a rate card for the job. But less idea about what a jobbing actor can earn with a big contract in a soap. So that's all good, eh ?

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