Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Annual Report 7

Bits and bobs

"Cost of compliance In 2017/18, the BBC incurred costs estimated at £19.3 million (2016/17: £15.6 million) to ensure that we complied with all relevant legislation. This includes the BBC’s annual £11.6 million witchfinder regulatory fee to Ofcom."

Whilst executive director bonuses are a thing of the past at the BBC, Mark Linsey, birth-father of BBC Studios, and now its Chief Creative Officer, got a tidy £136k to add to his £340k base pay.

Further proof that telly pays best: median earnings across the public services fell to £42k. It would have stayed at £44k if Studios hadn't gone commercial.

BBC1 peak-time repeats rose to 6.6% in 2017/8 compared with 4.0% the previous year. Not surprising, as the channel cost £110m less, year on year.

The BBC News Channel leads the way with the proportion of air-time devoted to promotional spots - at 2.6%. Second place goes to Radio 2, on 2.2%. Then comes BBC Four, 1.8% and BBC1, 1.7%.

Readers are always worried about the Orchestras and Performing Groups. Total costs in 2017/18 £32.2m, compared with £27.8m in the previous year.

Valerie Hughes D'Aeth's lean, mean HR and Training operation cost £42m over the year, up by £2.1m.

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  1. "It would have stayed at £44k if Studios hadn't gone commercial".... also suspect that the voluntary redundancy bill hasn't percolated through in much the same way as when BBC Resources/Studios & PP became Studioworks.

    There's lies,damned lies and statistics.


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