Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Annual Report 1

The BBC Annual Report, published today, is more of a brochure than ever before. I think the BBC is brilliant, but, as a critical friend, here comes a series of posts picking away at some of the gloss.

BBC Alba: Reach, amongst Gaelic speakers, down from 67.2% to 62.1%; cost per user hour up from 9.6p to 14.3p.

In Wales, Radio Cymru has grown audience - weekly reach is up from 16.7% to 21.1%, and costs per listener hour are down from 22.6p to 16.9p. Radio Ulster/Foyle's reach is up from 34.3% to 38%. Cost per listener hour nuddges down to 5.8p.

Across Scotland, only 49% watch dedicated BBC Scottish news services on tv, down from 50%. In Wales, the figure has dropped from 47% to 44%. In Northern Ireland it's up 1%, to 53%. The figure is lowest across England, at 42%.

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