Wednesday, June 27, 2018


It's highly likely that Lord Hall's new, expanded, executive board is going to be more expensive than the last version - if only adding the salaries of 5 additional members. But it may be even more than that, with the new faces getting an extra wodge.

January's meeting of the BBC Board Remuneration Committee gave approval to move John Shield up to board level, as Director of Communications, but his salary is stuck, publicly, on £159k. That's probably the lowest of the 15 (given we don't yet have disclosure on Chief Customer Officer Kerris Bright and Director of Finance and Operations Glyn Isherwood). The minutes suggest a review of this new executive board's pay levels has been underway; let's see if it's made the Annual Report, coming in July.

The committee also considered a second go at an incentive scheme for staff in BBC Studios. That, I'm sure, won't be shared. .

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