Friday, June 22, 2018

Thinking time

Less than two weeks to Wimbledon, when, traditionally, a BBC1 Controller can stop worrying about ratings for a bit, and concentrate on the Autumn launch, Christmas schedule etc.

Charlotte taking audience questions
via Jed Mercurio at  TV Writers
Festival 2018
But uber-controller Charlotte Moore has some issues further ahead. Since the splicing of Harry and Meghan, BBC1's share of audience has fallen below 20% (this time last year figures were around 21%) - and it's the evening peak-time that has suffered most, buoyed up by the daytime schedule holding well. There've been too many repeats, too many underwhelming factual one-offs - and the current Mary Berry vehicle has spluttered, not purred. The network has run out of steam since Easter - is it money, or is it now a place to burn off stuff that hasn't quite worked, even before we get to August ?

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