Friday, June 1, 2018


An entertaining platform is guaranteed by the BBC for its one-day "Truth and Power Conference", to be held later this month at Broadcasting House. The event will be chaired and opened by Sir John Tusa, former Managing Director of the BBC World Service, in which role his spats with John Birt were long and now legendary, if under-reported. Second up is James Purnell, surveying "The Digital Horizon". Purnell was first brought into the BBC as a junior strategist by John Birt.

The conference comes in the centenary of the founding of Czechoslovakia, and 50 years since the Prague Spring. Tusa was born in Zlin, Moravia, (where Bata shoes are made) back in 1936.  The conference (attendance by invitation only) will be followed by a reception at the Czech Ambassador's residence on the edge of Hampstead Heath.

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