Monday, June 11, 2018


The BBC has gone all coy about the sale of Caversham, former home of BBC Monitoring. It's declined to answer a range of questions about the deal in an FOI response, confiding only that "Annual savings, net of costs, arising from the relocation are anticipated to be in the region of £1.2m per annum. We anticipate that sales proceeds from the Caversham site will more than meet expected one-off costs, meaning any amortisation will not adversely affect the overall savings from the move."
(NB: How much of that £1.2m is saved by major staff reductions in the all-new mini-Monitoring Area at Broadcasting House is not explained.)

I can't see why this sale is different to that of Television Centre, where the BBC was open about £200m.

By the way, Radio Berkshire is moving from Caversham to the high-tech Thames Valley Park in Wokingham, which is already home to Microsoft and Oracle. Not much foot-fall there.

I can find no details of future plans for the wonderful BBC Written Archives Centre, nestling in a bungalow in the Caversham grounds. It ought to be rebuilt brick by brick somewhere nice, but is probably heading to the crinkly tin shed at Perivale.

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  1. "Television Centre, where the BBC was open about £200m" but not about subsequent costs of relocating staff and much installed equipment that it hadn't thought of.


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