Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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BBC2 is bringing us a four-part documentary, "Inside the New York Times: The Fourth Estate". 

Controller BBC2 Patrick Holland purrs "This is a stunning series giving remarkable access to the New York Times editorial team during the turbulent early months of Trump’s presidency. At a time when so many of the mainstream media misread the mood in the USA and beyond, this series offers a candid, shocking and illuminating exploration of the shifting relationship between journalism and political power.”

The fearless New York Times has already reviewed the series, which is going out on the States on Showtime, a CBS satellite and cable subsidiary.....

 “The Fourth Estate,” which chronicles 16 months in the life of The New York Times, is reasonably competent, but it’s also superficial and oblivious a little more often than one might like. That said, as is the case with the Gray Lady, it’s a good thing that “The Fourth Estate” exists at all. When both the film and the publication are on their A-game, they’re quite good — and occasionally gripping.

"The documentary .... also has a lot in common with bloated Netflix dramas, padded and too easily distracted, especially in the first two of its four installments. (The premiere runs 87 minutes, and other segments are about an hour.) It has an irritating habit of darting toward an interesting story and then pivoting away again too quickly. Much of the documentary, which opens on the day Donald J. Trump was inaugurated into office, plods along like a dutiful recap of a show we watched not too long ago."

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