Saturday, June 30, 2018

Arms length

The latest lists of meetings, hospitality etc from the DDCMS cover three months to March 31st. Matt Hancock's pair of special advisers, Lottie Dominiczak and Jamie Njoku-Goodwin record NO meetings. Any suggestion that they're too busy taking photographs of Mr Hancock looking dynamic and dashing for his various twitter feeds are resented.

Lottie had no hospitality; Jamie had lunch with The Sun, Edelman, UK Music and PR firm Teneo Blue Rubicon, rugby tickets from the RFU, football tickets from the rather unlikely Alliance for Intellectual Property and went to awards ceremonies hosted by the BPI and The Spectator.

The only BBC contact I can find in the returns is a lunch paid for by James Purnell with Matthew Gould, Director General for Digital and Media Policy at the DDCMS.

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