Monday, June 4, 2018


The BBC is obliged, by Ofcom, to publish a fortnightly bulletin of complaints, by numbers. In the two weeks from April 30, Auntie received 6,000 odd complaints - but no single programme attracted more than 100 - the threshold for publication.

The bulletin from the 14th May onwards was, in theory, published on 31st May - but the link to the pdf is broken, and remains so. I'm guessing Radio 2 heads the list, with the All New Jo and Simon Show - I'll let you know when the link is fixed.

9pm update: Not even 100 complaints about Jo and Simon, as commenters below have noted....


  1. I would have thought the Alistair Campbell's Labour human-twitterbot army would be flooding them with spurious complaints on any tiny Labour angle
    They did it on the Newsnight Corbyn Russian hat issue.

  2. Here try this

    See the way they arrange the date when they are in the same month

    "No individual BBC programmes received more than 100 complaints over the fortnight. "
    13 Stage Complaints : NONE upheld
    "Between 14-27 May 2018, BBC Audience Services (Stage 1) received a total of 5,740 complaints about programmes. 8,819 complaints in total were received at Stage 1"


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