Monday, May 14, 2018


The BBC1 coverage of the Royal Wedding lasts for five hours, from 0900, giving plenty of opportunity for 'filler'. 'Filler' proved to be dangerous stuff when it came to BBC coverage of the Thames Pageant as part of the Diamond Jubilee back in 2012, and Claire Popplewell, one of a team of three then, survives as Editor of next weekend's output.

Much is being transmitted live on BBC America; but their schedules template has turned it into Season 1, Episode 1. It would be entertaining to sketch out a programme proposal for Episodes 2 and 3, and maybe even Season 2. For Harry and Meghan's sake, let's hope the one show is all we need.

The template also dubs the show TV-PG which in the US means it may "contain material that parents or guardians may find inappropriate for younger children. Programs assigned a TV-PG rating may include some mild to moderate profanity, some sexual content, suggestive dialogue and/or violence". Good old C of E weddings, eh ?

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