Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Recipes for BBC2

Quotas and cash lurk behind some 'new' cooking news from the BBC.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown gets a second series from BBC2, but instead of two hosts (Zoe Ball and Nadiya Hussein) and two judges (Giorgio Locatelli and Rosemary Schrager), we get two host-judges, Angellica Bell (Celebrity Masterchef winner) and real chef Tommy Banks. It will run for 14 episodes instead of 12. And instead of finals at The Quadrangle, Shoreham, Kent, the whole kit and caboodle moves to Wales. Spookily, production company Voltage TV of Wells Street, W1, appear now to have a subsidiary, Voltage Wales.

As if BBC2 was short on food, there's a 'thrilling new business' series which takes Dragon's Den concept to the kitchen, with 12 would-be-restaurateurs running pop-ups in Manchester for three days, competing for long term investment. It comes from Electric Ray, set up by former BBC commissioner, Karl Warner, based in Golden Square, W1 - does it count as an out-of-London production ?

And Nadiya Hussein is not lost to BBC2; instead of touring, this time we get more of her own recipes, in Nadiya's Family Favourites, produced by Hungry Gap, run by former BBC producer Pete Lawrence in Bristol.

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