Monday, May 28, 2018


Another little chunk of the Harding super-structure at BBC News seems to have been dismantled. Eleanor Scharer, who followed James from the Times, where she had been Editorial Events Manager, appears to have left the post of Chief Assistant to the Director of News.

Philippa Busby, currently Managing Editor, Newsgathering, has been announced to staff as the new incumbent, though there doesn't seem to have been an advert. Philippa may be familiar to some listeners as a provider of business news to the Chris Evans Drivetime show on Radio 2 in 2007, where she had a featured slot entitled 'Beat The Busby'.  During her broadcasting career she says she has reported live "from the back of a tandem, whilst having a bra fitting, from within a convent and with a small dog pulling on the bottom of her trousers".

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