Friday, April 13, 2018

Lost it

Whoops !  There goes Peter Horrocks, former BBC executive, now standing down as Vice Chancellor of the Open University.

D.Tel screengrabs of video:
Horrocks tells OU staff "I am not a monster"
"I am announcing that I am standing down as Vice-Chancellor of The Open University with immediate effect. 

"Under my leadership of the Student First Transformation programme, I have delivered a broad set of plans covering: Learning and Teaching; Curriculum; Academic Excellence; technology; digital; and the student experience, which will be put forward for consideration and implementation under the acting Vice-Chancellor. I understand that Executive Deans and all the Senate-elected members of Council are ready to support the teaching principles and framework, and curriculum review and plan, and will recommend this to Senate.

"With those two components of Students First approved by academic governance, the University will have reached an important milestone. So the time has come when I am ready to move on, having achieved my primary goals at the OU. I am delighted that recently there have been very strong expressions of political support for improved policies for part-time learning, a cause to which I have given everything I could.

"I am pleased to be continuing to work with the University for a few months, handing over to the acting Vice-Chancellor and advising on the external relations agenda for the University and the wider part-time sector. "

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