Saturday, March 24, 2018

King-size duvets

You're in danger of being forgotten as a BBC manager if you're not re-imagining things. Cuddly Alan Davey, curvacious Controller of Radio 3, is the latest to have a go. A few schedule tweaks, some old programmes re-named, and voila !

At 10pm each evening, we’re reimagining our evening programming and offering listeners the opportunity to step into Radio 3 After Dark - a world of edgy free thought and mind-expanding ideas, of elegant and provoking essays, of poetry with The Verb, of radical mixes of music - Jazz Now on Mondays, Late Junction Tuesday to Thursday and Music Planet on Friday. 

Radio 3 After Dark is no ordinary place - it’s a zone of adventure and discovery. Light a candle and settle down with a cup of tea, or pull the blankets higher and experience a world of inspiring new thoughts and amazing sounds. Coming in April, Radio 3 After Dark will be looking, across its programmes, at the unexpected and counter-cultural side of Japanese music, art and literature. This special series, Night Blossoms, will be a voyage of discovery into this little explored side of Japanese culture. Beauty and darkness lie in wait there.

The helpful corporate twitter machine precedes the announcement with a line from the lyrics to a John Dowland song, without the writer's call for "hellish jarring sounds" to bring on early death.

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