Friday, November 10, 2017

Strike up the band

Too many orchestras ?  It's a question that's run around the BBC over the years (and featured as a strand in the mockumentary W1A), but they remain largely intact. RTE have now turned to former BBC Radio boss Helen Boaden to decide if two is one too many....

RTE runs the RTE National Symphony Orchestra and the RT Concert Orchestra. Last year they took 7.1% of RTE's licence fee revenue, amounting to 12.7m euros. Unfortunately, they cost 15.6m euros over the twelve months.

Helen will be helped by one of the Beeb's favourite strategy consultants, Mediatique, led by Mathew (sic) Horsman.

Last year the BBC spent £27.8m on five orchestras and the BBC Singers. That's 31.4m euros at today's rates.

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