Sunday, November 6, 2016


There's no mention of 'Facebook' in the BBC's new Charter, yet the Corporation seems to be spending on creating content especially for the hugely-profitable social media site big time. (It may be the other way round, but I'm sure we'll never be told). It feels like a Klondike-style rush for Fool's Gold, on a network as lawlesss as the Wild West. Facebook paid £4.1m in UK tax last year. It sees video as the future, yet admitted this year to misleading stats about usage.

Here's three examples. 

BBC Like That - "A BBC page where women can talk about the stuff that matters. From kids to money, sex life to work wife, we're here to tell your stories. " So far, 17 odd short videos, without BBC branding, on a range of disparate topics.

BBC Radio 4 Facebook Live - presumably Josie gets a fee ?

BBC World Service Facebook: BBC World Service has partnered with the University of the West of England to create 10 animations which bring to life choice audio nuggets from our output.

All lovely risk-taking stuff, but distinctive enough to come out of the licence-fee ?

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