Friday, May 27, 2016

Four things

BBC DG Lord Hall revealed to MPs this week that he's added four new projects to Auntie's critical list.

He told them that the one that keeps him awake most at night was 'getting BBC Studios right'. And maybe hanging on to some staff who are any good ?

The merger of technology teams under Matthew Postgate is also on the list, and so is HR Transformation. This is apparently so important that News' HR boss Dale Haddon has been seconded to the project. Let's hope there's good wifi on the two-hour-two-train journey from his Didcot base to Birmingham.

I'm not sure if the uppity News unions will be pleased at his departure - they are happier with pledges from overall HR boss Valerie Hughes D'Aeth, which have resulted in 15 staff at risk of redundancy being redeployed.

The fourth project is working on licence-fee payments and closing the iPlayer loophole. That team may have noticed a little petition from students seeking exemption from the licence fee if they only watch on-demand. It's now at over 17,000 signatures, which means, if they've framed it right, the Government has to respond.

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