Friday, October 16, 2015


The BBC Trust has welcomed a new Head of Policy, Tristan Pedelty, to what may be a short appointment - given that the current policy of the Trust is to close itself down in favour of a new model of regulation.

Tristan's qualifications in the world of media policy are unclear. He made his way from darkest Powys to Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he was JCR Entertainments Officer (Technical). He was also Entertainments Officer for the Cambridge Union (in charge of garden parties) and spoke once, on the topic This House Believes Britain is Still Great.

He joined the Civil Service, and was Private Secretary to The Lord Adonis at Transport. When the Tories came in, he moved to Deputy Head of Crossrail, then in 2011 it was off to No 10. He helped compile the Prime Minister's record of journalistic contacts for the Leveson Report, and, when the full report was about to be published, was part of the team that stayed up all night reading it, so that DC didn't have to.  Most recently he's been setting up DC's Implementation Group, successor to the Delivery Unit, enforcer of making sure political pipe dreams become reality.

He's chair of the Governors of Paddington Academy, and has the endorsement of the Daily Mail as a "civil service high-flier".

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