Thursday, October 15, 2015

In Residence

A correspondent in Scotland seems disappointed I haven't had a pop at BBC Scotland's investment in a Poet in Residence. Rachel McCrum, originally from Northern Ireland, but now living in Edinburgh, was appointed earlier this month, in a partnership with the Scottish Poetry Library.

You have to say that she's up and running, with two poems delivered so far. The same cannot yet be said of Thomas Small, a Dundee-based choreographer, selected as Radio 2's first-ever Artist in Residence. Tommy has a bursary of £15k plus £20k for materials and expenses and a "golden pass" to Radio 2 events for 12 months in return for a minimum of "four artistic creations". He was selected by a panel comprising Sir Peter Blake, Claudia Winkleman, Bob Shennan (Controller, BBC Radio 2) and Anthony Lilley (interim CEO and Creative Director, The Space). That was in June. I'm sure something's coming.

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  1. Makes you wonder if the Beeb really does have a "shooting itself in the foot" department.


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