Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Bill Turnbull hits sixty next January, and has decided that's the time to stop getting up at 0300 to present BBC Breakfast, which he first joined in 2001.

William Robert Jolyon Turnbull went to Eton and then Edinburgh, where he wrote for and then edited The Student, the UK's oldest student newspaper, founded in 1887 by Robert Louis Stevenson. Other editors of the weekly have included Gordon Brown, Robin Cook and David Steel. He didn't finish his social sciences degree, but progressed to the Centre for Journalism Studies at Cardiff, thence back to Scotland as a trainee with Radio Clyde.

He moved to Rainow, on the edge of the Peak District in 2012, leaving the bees of the family home in Jordans, Buckinghamshire in care. In 2013, he was away from the Breakfast sofa for a month, with a 'mystery illness', which he tweeted as being 'off games'. He's told the papers he'd like to settle down in Suffolk.

Here's a wild guess: none of the other current male regulars will fill Bill's sofa dent come February.

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