Wednesday, February 5, 2014

All for one

Messrs Hall and Purnell must be wondering when they can get on the front foot, with their BBC, as we mull over the DMI debacle and await the report on Savile Culture at Auntie from Dames Smith and Dobbs.

James Purnell was out and about yesterday at the Beyond 2014 Media and Telecoms conference. There's no full note of what he said, but here are some bits culled from Twitter.

He offered the stat that 13% of UK broadband users signed up in order to get access to the BBC iPlayer. The next stage is to move the iPlayer from just a catch-up tool to something that let's you discover tailored and interactive content, some of exclusive, some of it first origination, through recommendations and perhaps online "channels" - though he said broadcast channels are here to stay.

And he argued that sharing licence fee between the BBC and other broadcasters risks less effective use of the money.

  • For Charter Renewal stats and worries - and the theory that we've only got 15 months to sort this out - there's a long piece by Liz Howell to digest on Open Democracy. 

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