Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Dear reader, I have to confess to another engagement during Lord Hall's speech today. Here's my checklist - let's see how many bullseyes we can score...

  • "We have found the complete Dr Who recordings, and will release them once my kids have watched them for Christmas"
  • "I'm passionate about music"
  • "Family viewing matters; parents and children are brought together through tv, and the Sunday classic serial will return on BBC1 in 2014"
  • "There are some fantastically creative people in the BBC; unfortunately, they've spent the last ten years creating work and jobs we don't need..."
  • "Shakespeare - he was good, wasn't he ?"
  • "The bonfire of the boards will take place in the piazza after this meeting"
  • "You are all expected to work across all media; my management structure will reflect this by 2015, with a single Director of Content"
  • "Personally, I've missed Pan's People...."
  • "I'm delighted to announce that Sir Alex Ferguson is joining as interim Director of HR with immediate effect"
  • "As we sit here in the Radio Theatre, a team from McKinsey are dismantling all current email groups, and the facility to reconstruct them"
  • "The BBC represents a major investment by licence-fee payers, and we want to increase their returns"
  • "Isn't Mishal Husain great ?" 

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