Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Basket mended

The BBC's former COO, Caroline Thomson, seems to be settling in nicely at the English National Ballet, where the word "interim" has been removed from her part-time CEO role. She also found time over the summer for a Civil Service conference, where, apparently without slides and notes, she explained how she turned round the BBC's project to move large chunks of output to Salford.

It was, apparently, a "basketcase" before she volunteered to run it; she fancied it because she'd just bought a house in Cumbria; says Greg Dyke didn't bother with Executive approval for the move, because he knew he wouldn't get it, and went straight to the Governors; and she finally got results by imbuing the team with the Dunkirk spirit.  Those reviewing current BBC governance procedures might like to take notes. Try a couple of minutes from 8.26, and you'll get the flavour.

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