Thursday, September 5, 2013


Resigning or not, BBC HR chief Lucy Adams can expect several unpleasant glares from Ma Hodge on Monday - simply in terms of process, the BBC was only able to demonstrate full approval had been obtained in 12 of the 150 cases reviewed by the National Audit Office.

And "resigning" at the BBC doesn't always mean what it says. The KPMG report issued yesterday looked at some previous cases, which it highlights as "well publicised operational incidents", probably involving quizzes, queens and Russell Brand. Here's the important para (PILON is not a new form of renewable energy, but Payment In Lieu Of Notice).

8 of the 40 consensual termination cases were identified by BBC management as “resignation” cases. In 4 of these 8 cases, the individuals entered into compromise agreements and resigned at the time of well publicised operational incidents at the BBC. These individuals received PILON and other termination payments as part of their severance package. 

In 3 of the 8 cases, the individuals resigned for personal reasons and received PILON as they were not required to work their notice period, but no other termination payments. 

In the remaining 1 case, the individual resigned for personal reasons and received termination payments of £15,308.

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