Friday, August 23, 2013


The Tony Hall publicity machine took a look at the title of the Edinburgh Television Festival session on the BBC billed as "Tony Hall's Big Decisions" - and decided Tony should be there. Who knew in advance about his late joining of the panel discussion is unclear  - the producer was media journo Neil Midgely, so perhaps he'll spill eventually.

On severance pay, pay for people who've resigned and DMI, no new news, but the DG said "I hope we can get to the point soon where we can put this behind us and look to the future.. But we’re not there yet.”

Too right, as the Public Accounts Committee looms, with more analysis of "officer class" severance deals from the National Audit Office. And getting the minds right of the existing lieutenant-colonels remains a problem. Alan Yentob, on the panel originally to take Tone's position, was asked about more salary transparency, and, according to the Telegraph, rejected it.  "The BBC is not a local authority, OK? We need to invest, we need to get people to come in. Who wants to come to an organisation where their privacy is [affected]?”   Mandy Rice-Davies, ou quoi ?

So, to a festival of tv luvvies, Tony brought a couple of big radio decisions: by the end of 2014, the corporation is aiming for 50 per cent of local stations to have a woman presenting breakfast output - either in a solo capacity or as part of a team. And, local radio, alongside Radios Scotland, Wales and Ulster, are to share 45 apprentices. (Would they prefer their own dedicated evening output back ?)

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