Thursday, March 10, 2011

Extra minder

More only-at-the-BBC daftness is emerging from the move of Question Time to Glasgow.

Congratulations to the new editor, who will be paid via the transfer of funds from BBC News in London to BBC Scotland, Glasgow, to Mentorn Glasgow, and then back to wherever Nicolai Gentchev is living.   The Mentorn, Glasgow, profits on the contract will head back to Mentorn, London, and then parent company Tinopolis's coffers in Llanelli. If you will have quotas...

Congratulations, also, to Hayley Valentine, who'll be man-marking Nicolai on the BBC side as Executive Editor.   That role was previously filled by London-based Gavin Allen, who, I would guess, maintains his current role at BBC Millbank, as "Head of Political News".    So Hayley, who is an esteemed former colleague and Good Thing, is filling a new additional post.   And because it's a Glasgow job, her appointment has to be endorsed by BBC Scotland, in the shape of another Good Thing, Atholl Duncan, Head of News and Current Affairs.   Too many good things caught up in a daft process.

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