Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Show time

I've followed the work of RHWL's Arts Team since three happy years working with them in the 90s, on one of the BBC's clutch of failed building projects.   The excellent Norman Bragg is still with them.  They've just finished construction of the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury.  You won't see many more new theatres coming out of the ground over the next five years, so enjoy this one.

From Building Design
Thanks to Building Design for the feature - now one of the few architecture sites not behind a pay wall.  The comments are as robust as ever. 

"An impressive landmark, but a flawed one. It mixes late FLW expressionist design with and art deco cinema. Guggenheim meets Odeon Leicester Square. Naff. Really naff".

"I did buildings like this when I was at Fosters. Rather like the St. Moritz pods. Great. Keep it up Arts Team."

"The Arts Team have done a wonderful job and most importantly the building will function as a living working theatre. should visit buildings before you trash them.... "

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