Monday, July 3, 2017


If you enjoy reading a judge ripping up a silk's arguments, try this written report from Mr Justice Mann, taking down Gavin Millar QC in Sir Cliff v The BBC.

Start at paragraph 13. The matter in hand - BBC objections to a statement in open court agreed between Sir Cliff's lawyers and South Yorkshire Police, who have settled their bit of the case and admitted fault. The BBC thought it unfair that BBCreporter Dan Johnson was named throughout; wanted to change the phrase "Dan Johnson was aware of the investigation" to "Dan Johnson understood the claimant was on their radar"; wanted to change "camara crew" to "camera operator"; and sought to re-write this passage "These events have had a devastating effect on the Claimant: the BBC's coverage of the search was shocking, humiliating and embarrassing for him and attracted immediate worldwide attention, as a result he suffered profound and long-lasting damage and distress, and his reputation has been forever tainted."

The judge accepted none of Mr Millar's points.

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  1. Mr. Gavin Millar QC was instructed by BBC Litigation Department (it says)


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