Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Blame game

Normally after a terrorist attack on the streets of Britain, family, friends, known associates, potential members of a "support network" are lifted by the police. This semi-habitual show of strength sometimes extends to the evil preachers who might have radicalised the perpetrator - was he or she 'a lone wolf' or the simple, duped victim of twisted manipulators ?

Today in the Daily Mail, Katie Hopkins introduces her latest thinking thus: "Britain is at boiling point and if we want to step back from the brink we need to stop screaming at each other like kids and start talking together like adults." This may have been written by a sub, as the full column is full of type-written screams. Richard Littlejohn also has an intro: "There is madness in the air - democracy is hanging by a thread: After the election, Grenfell Tower and Finsbury Park, RICHARD LITTLEJOHN says it is time the Tories unite and grow up because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate. "

And, whilst Mail free-thinkers apparently want us to calm down, their occasional columnist Piers Morgan invited Tommy Robinson onto Good Morning Britain. Guess whether this move was designed to expose racism or show what a tough guy Piers is....

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