Monday, April 3, 2017

Ready ?

Who regulates the regulators ?

Ofcom ain't ready. "Still to come... Ofcom will in due course publish procedures detailing how we will handle complaints and provide our view on whether the BBC has observed relevant editorial guidelines for its online material."

"Still to come... Procedures for enforcement of BBC competition requirements. We have consulted on the procedures we would expect to follow in our enforcement of these competition requirements, including how we would expect to handle complaints, carry out investigations and impose sanctions. We will publish our finalised procedures shortly."

"Still to come... We will publish a full report about our distinctiveness research during the consultation period."

" Still to come...  We intend to set and publish the final operating licence by the end of September 2017. The exact timing will depend on the BBC’s interim annual plan, which will be an input to our consultation and on the consultation responses from other stakeholders. We also plan to publish our final statement on performance measures and procedures by the end of September."

So presumably Ofcom ain't bovvered that the BBC ain't ready. Management structure last updated in November.

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