Sunday, April 2, 2017

All change ?

It may be a forlorn hope.

Tomorrow should see the website that explains how the BBC is run take a giant leap forward. The new BBC (unitary) Board is in charge; internal and external structures have changed; new commitments to transparency, minutes publication etc are needed.  The BBC Trust (extinct) was in no doubt of the date of change. "At this point, the processes for making complaints and appeals will change (details of the new processes will be available on the BBC website on 3 April)".

And yet. We enter this new world without non-execs to represent Wales and Northern Ireland. Ofcom will take until September to deliver its final performance requirements. Ken MacQuarrie, new board member for Nations & Regions, has some interesting salary differentials to raise. Lord Hall has yet to announce a new deal for Northern Ireland.  Loose ends.

  • Jeremy Paxman is in no mood to ingratiate himself with new Chairman, Sir David Clementi. In his latest FT diary, Paxo describes filming a brief contribution to the new series of W1A in the lobby of Broadcasting House, "as a grey-haired man walked in. He looked like a St Andrews university divinity lecturer about to hand 38 pages of closely typed pages explaining what was wrong with Radio 4’s Thought for the Day to one of the baffled receptionists."

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  1. Did he manage to leave his document with "one of the baffled receptionists"? The last time I tried to leave two time-critical pages at White City reception for a named BBC staffer, this was refused - citing "security".

    Try it.


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