Friday, March 10, 2017

You're not singing anymore....

BBC Studios have lost a biggie; the three-year £12m contract to produce Songs of Praise is being shared between Cardiff-based indie Avanti and Manchester's Nine Lives Media.

Avanti do tons of stuff for S4C and have produced individual episodes of Songs of Praise before, though not always without issues, with one edition featuring a number of performers on the books of Avanti's agency.

Nine Lives, set up by former Look North reporter Cat Lewis in 2007, has made Pound Shop Wars, Holiday Love Rats Exposed, documentaries and many editions of Panorama and Dispatches. I can see little sign of music or religious output on their website.

This is a major call for new religion commissioner, Fatima Sularia.  Staff at BBC Studios will be more than interested to see what happens to the Songs Of Praise production team in MediacityUK. Does the BBC retain a specialist capability for three years, or just let the thing go forever ?

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  1. Bishop James: “It’s a worry to some of us that it will be another nail in the coffin of the religious literacy of the nation"


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