Sunday, March 5, 2017

Under control

In a post-truth, Trump-town world, some words do not now sustain their original meaning. Take this extract from a memo by the BBC Deputy Director General Anne Bulford about Friday evening's incursion by 'yoofs' into Broadcasting House. What do YOU think controlled access means ?

We have established that the group gained access through a controlled access door in the reception area, and then got into the newsroom through a further controlled access door when another individual passed through. 

The group spent about 25 minutes inside the building, accessing several areas, and filmed themselves inside. While they were able to get into the studio, broadcasting was not interrupted and most importantly no one was hurt.... The intruders then left the building through a fire escape onto the Piazza.... 

The door which was accessed can now only be opened under the supervision of a security guard. We are checking other access control doors to ensure they are all operating correctly, or they will have a guard to open and close them.

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