Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Getting personal

"The BBC did not immediately respond to requests for comment in connection with the claims made by the presenters during Monday’s hearing."

So writes the FT about the tax tribunal set to judge on HMRC v Joanna Gosling, Tim Willcox and David Eades. The three news presenters are being represented by up and coming barrister Georgia Hicks of Deverex Chambers, arguing that the BBC cornered the previous freelance presenters into setting up personal service companies, which had the effect of reducing their tax liabilities. HMRC says it's the presenters' problem, and they should pay back tax 'cos they should have been on staff. Georgia's first call was to try to get emails out of the HMRC; she'll have harder work getting the BBC Management to fess up. As the FT says, the BBC denies forcing the presenters into PSCs.

Ms Hicks might consider calling one J Paxman to give evidence. And there are some letters to presenters in the Nations and Regions she might try to track down. Pass it on, if you see Georgia.

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