Saturday, October 1, 2016

Work in progress ?

The  rationale for the three-humped camel that is the new BBC is still missing. Lord Hall told staff yesterday...

"I think there are three big areas to work out."

"First of all, how do we best compete in a world full of ideas? I want to connect great thinkers inside and outside the organisation; to partner more closely with other great institutions. I want Radio 3, Radio 4 involved - and the whole organisation - BBC Two, BBC Four for example, to get behind the ambition.

 "Secondly, how to connect with young audiences? They’re digital; they’re demanding in the very best sense of the word and we need to do more to engage them. Children’s, Radio 1 have a vital role to play - for that matter so does BBC Three.

 "And finally, there’s so much more to offer globally in music, arts, speech radio - things our country excels in. Our role, reflecting the UK to the world, has never been more important. BBC Radio is the best there is and I know it can speak – and sing - even more loudly the world over.

 "I’ve already spoken about putting education at the centre of our thinking – and James Purnell has already started that work. But now I want to bring together network Radio, Arts, Music, Learning and Children’s – under James’s leadership as Director, Radio & Education. I want real ambition: a powerhouse for radio – and our education mission around the world. I know we’ve got the people, programmes and ideas to do just that.

 "I’m a profound believer in BBC Radio – it’s something I love; I choose it every day and so do millions more. And because radio’s so precious, I want to have someone totally dedicated to our stations, their listeners and the service we can deliver. That’s why I’ll now be advertising for a new Director of Radio, within James’s team, to give creative leadership and focus day in, day out."

Anne Bulford gets strategy; Lord Hall says he will keep an eye on policy and communications. And BBC Network Radio, reaching 32 million listeners a week, is now part of an executive's portfolio, rather than the focus of their career.

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