Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rod Temperton RIP

There'll be plenty of more erudite tributes to songwriter Rod Temperton. But here's an angle - Karen Carpenter had first dibs on "Off The Wall" and "Rock With You", and turned them down.

Rod was brought in to work on a Karen Carpenter solo album in 1979 by producer Phil Ramone, when Richard Carpenter was being treated for sedative addiction. Rod stayed in Phil Ramone's guest house in Connecticut, with Karen in the main house, while the album was being planned. He arranged all the vocals on the album, and Bob James arranged the backing tracks.  The album was shelved in 1980, and released in full in 1996. Two Temperton songs - Lovelines and If We Try. A third, Midnight Never Lets You Down, didn't make the final tracklist, but unmixed versions have surfaced.

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