Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Jeremy Thompson, one of the UK's finest exponents of the "full teapot"*, is calling it a day at Sky News, at the end of this year.

After the King's School, Worcester (where he was a contemporary of Chris Tarrant) he took a four-year apprenticeship with the Cambridge Evening News, then joined the BBC working his way through Radio Sheffield, Look North in Leeds, and North of England correspondent, before moving to ITN, initially covering sports news in 1982. In December 1993, he switched to Sky News as South Africa correspondent.

He has a home west of Marbella, likes golf, and chuleton de buey.

*The ability to stand with both arms akimbo, centre screen, leaning into camera at some hot-spot, and intone, "behind me now, as you can perhaps see..."

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