Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Halfway house

Lord Hall's re-structuring of the BBC's management team delivers a few half-humps, en route to delivery of a full three-humped camel.

There's a nice bunch of flowers for Anne Bulford, anointed as Deputy Director General, a post not seen seen since the departure of Mark Byford with a record redundancy pay-out in 2011. Anne gets some pseudo-programme responsibilities, taking over marketing and audience research from James Purnell. But will she make editorial calls when Editor in Chief Lord Hall is enjoying some Italian red in August ?

There will be a new Director of Nations and Regions - the last holder, Pat Loughrey left in 2009 with a record redundancy, etc etc. Helen Boaden has refused Lord Hall's blandishments to take the role. Our Tone has failed to find a Director of Content from outside, so Charlotte Moore becomes Director of Content, TV, adding Sport to the topics she will supervise. Helen Boaden hangs on to Radio, and adds 5Live to the portfolio.  My guess is that this is an interim move, and that Charlotte, subject to performance, will get the whole sweetshop when Helen decides to give up the struggle. The titles Director England and Director North will lapse.

Without interview, James Purnell gets "Education" added to his title, and thus has responsibility, without proof of ability, for BBC Children (he has one) and BBC Learning.

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