Sunday, July 3, 2016

Belts tightened

Maybe the message is getting through. The most recent set of management expenses at the BBC reflect the last quarter of the financial year. In the good old days, that was when 'jollies' were often sanctioned as a way of soaking up department underspend.

Now, under the scrutiny of Anne Bulford, the suits seemed to have limited their travel ambitions - not much transatlantic stuff at all. Bob "Mr Music" Shennan went to San Francisco, for a very modest £836.50 return. Jonathan Munro, Head of Newsgathering, managed New York, Boston, LA, Calgary and Rio. Hair-shirted Editorial Policy guru David Jordan went to Buenos Aires and Miami (for training - though it isn't clear whether he was giving or receiving). Head of Sport Barbara Slater went to Atlanta - and may have saved money pre-buying a flight to Rio in August on last year's budget.

Former "King of the Kabs" Bal Samra survived with just three bookings over the three months. Alan Yentob made no central transport bookings, but may have found an old wallet with some taxi receipts - most of his cab claims are from 2014.

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