Thursday, June 2, 2016

The rate of change

Now that we know that HR Transformation is on the BBC's list of top ten 'critical projects', it's good to know it's being run by "an articulate, commercially-focused interim executive that makes the right things happen and fast".

Tracy Hough, a runner in her leisure time, joined Auntie eighteen months ago as Programme Director, after a career of change, full and interim HR roles at companies like Balfour Beatty, TalkTalk, Northern Rock, the London Stock Exchange, Harper Collins, Warner Music, L'Oreal and a raft of BP divisions. One muses if she's paid through her company, and how that all squares with BBC best practice.

But 'fast' ? When the BBC outsourced a massive range of routine HR services to Capita in 2006, Capita were up and running within six weeks of contract award. OK, it was bumpy, but the ten-year contract allegedly saved £50m over ten years.

Now, some would say rather oddly, the routine stuff is coming home (largely to Birmingham) and much of trickier HR stuff - advice to managers on ending contracts, employment tribunals etc - is being outsourced. No doubt there's a full and detailed benefits analysis ready to hand to the NAO, plus a timetable. Which is presumably longer than six weeks.

It could all be so much easier. Why not send a few key managers to former HR boss Lucy Adams' latest seminar, which explains how to do without all that personnel b*ll*cks. At just £695+VAT for a day's immersion, it still could save Auntie a fortune...

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