Sunday, June 19, 2016

Euros v EU

There's a heightened sense of unreality about the final few days of 'campaigning' ahead of the referendum on Thursday. Pleas for a period of thoughtful reflection, after the senseless killing of Jo Cox, may go unheard - the papers are already quite twitchy.  Both campaigns have had their 'grids' of events disrupted; political strategists usually have some firecrackers up their sleeves for the run-in, but recalibration is clearly necessary.  Even for Farage.

Monday ought, by rights, to be quiet. The bulletins ought to be dominated by the recall of Parliament, for tributes to Jo. In tv peak time, the BBC's "Big EU Reality Check" will be eclipsed by Slovakia v England on ITV.

Tuesday sees Dimbleby's Stadium Event, the riskiest venture in the BBC's schedule of planned events. Many executives will be watching from behind their sofas; most would prefer to take refuge in Croatia v Spain, the sort of event that should be seen in a stadium.

Wednesday sees C4's Final Debate, as yet uncast, with silverback Jeremy Paxman at the helm. Italy v Ireland is the alternative.

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