Sunday, June 5, 2016

Can I have some more ?

Buried on BBC3, in an undated feature called Sort Your Life Out (proably posted last week) - BBC Director of Radio (still ?) and England, Helen Boaden reveals a fight for a pay rise:  "The only time I’ve asked for more was when an incredibly kind Personnel Manager informed me that I was being paid dramatically less than my male predecessor, despite my job being doubled. The unfairness was staggering, and the BBC was in danger of breaking the law with its inexplicable decision. Within hours of pointing this out I got a call from my boss who explained it had all been an unfortunate mistake and of course I would be paid more!"


  1. I wonder who she "practiced her pay conversation with beforehand" was, to get £352,900? Maybe the "someone trustworthy" was called Tony.

  2. I always find The Sun objective in reporting such matters (from December 2015):

    And from Dec 2014:


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