Thursday, May 12, 2016

White out

My mental wordmap of Mr Whittingdale's Commons speech on Charter renewal got its biggest bubble around "accountable".

Things we didn't know: he's extracted an agreement from the BBC to explore subscription services at home and abroad before the next Charter. He is, as we predicted, planning to use Ofcom to drive new service licences with a focus on under-served, BAME audiences and the nations and regions. He gives Ofcom a few clear nods - BBC commissioners must think less about ratings and more about innovation and quality. Strictly, apparently, does meet the distinctiveness test as applied by Whittingdale. The contestable fund for children's programming will run at just £20m a year.

Watch this space for the first student to be jailed for watching iPlayer on a laptop without a tv licence.

Lord Hall is ok with most of it apart from the composition of the unitary board.

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