Monday, April 18, 2016

Hours away

A big day tomorrow for Fiona Campbell, BBC News' first controller of News, Mobile and Online. Less than a month after her appointment, the stage is being set (according to Neil Midgely) for staff briefings on how things will be organised in the future.

She and her boss James Harding seem to have moved a little faster than Lord Hall in revealing new structures.  The Harding Hunt for the Future of News started in August 2014.  Lord Hall started promising a simpler BBC in August 2013.

Meanwhile a former Controller of BBC Scotland, John McCormick, is likely to be interested in tomorrow's news: “It is indefensible that it [the BBC] has the biggest newsroom in Britain, yet is still delivering a structure that was set up for the pre-devolution age,”  he told the Royal Society of Edinburgh last week.

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