Monday, February 8, 2016

A question of trust

Alan Yentob seems to have secured a change of heart from grumpy Paul Flynn MP on the reasons for the collapse of Kids Company. The MP has distanced himself from part of the Public Administration Select Committee's verdict on the failed charity, telling the Guardian this morning “We rushed into judgment on the trustees. We did not appreciate the difficulties that trustees have."

Mr Flynn's been talking to an unnamed trustee privately, post-report publication, and we are pointed to this piece of written evidence from Yentob, A, which includes some detail on governance activities. (One bit that doesn't quite square with the recent BBC fly-on-the wall documentary  is an assertion that any expenditure above £5,000 had to be approved by a trustee.)

Now we await the Charity Commission's report, from their investigation into Kidsco which started way back in August.  It's impending arrival has got the buttocks of trustees of all sorts of charitable organisations shifting uncomfortably on their unyielding meeting room chairs.

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