Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday factoid

An FoI enquiry reveals: "As at 30 September 2015, 1,264 staff were employed within the BBC Radio division. The Radio Division also includes a TV Department (Music Entertainment) and four Performing Groups."

The questioner also asked for a count of the number of times various words appear in radio job titles (obviously some jobs might get a quadruple  or quintuple word score - eg Assistant Executive Head of Digital Strategy. I made that up, but...).

There's some missed opportunities here. No change ? Really ?  And only one Special Person ?

However, there is clearly quite a lot of status above salary. The division only has 24 people paid at Senior Manager level - yet 36 people with either Director, Executive, or Controller in their job title. Never mind Editor.

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  1. Around fifteen years ago BBC Resources was told to cut the number of job titles to hide info like this in these trawls. Seem to remember the title "Manager" being removed from many job titles BBC wide as a result of some news story or other.


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